CMU Intro to Database Systems Course

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These courses are focused on the design and implementation of database management systems. Topics include data models (relational, document, key/value), storage models (n-ary, decomposition), query languages (SQL, stored procedures), storage architectures (heaps, log-structured), indexing (order preserving trees, hash tables), transaction processing (ACID, concurrency control), recovery (logging, checkpoints), query processing (joins, sorting, aggregation, optimization), and parallel architectures (multi-core, distributed). Case studies on open-source and commercial database systems will be used to illustrate these techniques and trade-offs. The course is appropriate for students with strong systems programming skills.  There are 26 videos associated with this course which was originally offered in Fall 2018 as Course 15 445/645 at Carnegie Mellon University.  

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Andy Pavlo
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CMU Database Group
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Standard YouTube License
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No fee
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Data coding
Data handling
Data management planning tools
Database design
Database models
Standard Query Language (SQL)
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Wednesday, August 29, 2018
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Carnegie Mellon University
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Last updated on December 6, 2018
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Andy Pavlo
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CMU Database Group
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Instruction - detailed information about aspects or processes related to data management or data skills.
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Graduate student
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More than 1 Week