Ecology Curriculum

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This workshop uses a tabular ecology dataset from the Portal Project Teaching Database and teaches data cleaning, management, analysis, and visualization. There are no pre-requisites, and the materials assume no prior knowledge about the tools. We use a single dataset throughout the workshop to model the data management and analysis workflow that a researcher would use.

  • Data Organization in Spreadsheets
  • Data Cleaning with OpenRefine
  • Data Management with SQL
  • Data Analysis and Visualization in R
  • Data Analysis and Visualization in Python

The Ecology workshop can be taught using R or Python as the base language.
Portal Project Teaching Dataset: the Portal Project Teaching Database is a simplified version of the Portal Project Database designed for teaching. It provides a real-world example of life-history, population, and ecological data, with sufficient complexity to teach many aspects of data analysis and management, but with many complexities removed to allow students to focus on the core ideas and skills being taught.

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Tracy Teal
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Data Carpentry
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Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic - CC BY 2.0
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No fee
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Data cleaning
Data management
Data visualization tools
Interoperable data - FAIR Data Principle
Organizing data
Re-usable data - FAIR Data Principle
Tabular data
Workshop curriculum
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Physical Sciences and Mathematics: Environmental Sciences
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Saturday, April 1, 2017
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Data Carpentry
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Version 2017.04.0
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More than 1 Day (but less than 1 week)
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FAIR Data Principles