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Dendro is a collaborative file storage and description platform designed to support users in collecting and describing data, with its roots in research data management. It does not intend to replace existing research data repositories, because it is placed before the moment of deposit in a data repository.  The DENDRO platform is an open-source platform designed to help researchers describe their datasets, fully build on Linked Open Data. Whenever researchers want to publish a dataset, they can export to repositories such as CKAN, DSpace, Invenio, or EUDAT's B2SHARE. 

It is designed to support the work of research groups with collaborative features such as:

File metadata versioning
Permissions management
Editing and rollback
Public/Private/Metadata Only project visibility

You start by creating a “Project”, which is like a Dropbox shared folder. Projects can be private (completely invisible to non-colaborators), metadata-only (only metadata is visible but data is not), and public (everyone can read both data and metadata). Project members can then upload files and folders and describe those resources using domain-specific and generic metadata, so it can suit a broad spectrum of data description needs. The contents of some files that contain data (Excel, CSV, for example) is automatically extracted, as well as text from others (PDF, Word, TXT, etc) to assist discovery.

Dendro provides a flexible data description framework built on Linked Open Data at the core (triple store as), scalable file storage for handling big files, BagIt-represented backups, authentication with ORCID and sharing to practically any repository platform.

Further information about Dendro can be found on its Github repository at:  Documentation and descriptions of Dendro can be found in other languages from the primary URL home page.

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University of Porto Infolab
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No fee
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Portuguese, Portugal
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Data management
Data sharing
Data storage
Linked data
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Tuesday, January 1, 2013
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University of Porto Infolab
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University of Porto Infolab
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Data manager
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More than 1 hour (but less than 1 day)