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The key skills to understand, manage and work with data. This webpage contains links to modules on Data Fundementals, Data Cleaning, Exporing Data, Extracting Data, Mapping, Collecting Data, and Presenting Data. Each topic area contains a number of modules within it.  Modules may contain links to video presentations, tasks of various lengths, quizzes and evaluation opportunities.

School of Data is a global network committed to advancing data literacy in civil society. Information that directly impact people’s lives is increasingly accessible but civil society is falling behind in making effective use of it. Through our global network of data literacy practitioners and trainers, School of Data seeks to address this data skills gaps in order to amplify the messages of civil society through the use of data. We level the playing field by ensuring that civil society organisations and newsrooms have the knowledge, resources and tools they need to participate fully in the information age.

School of Data is a network of data literacy practitioners composed of organisations and individuals. Together, we implement an array of data literacy programmes in our respective countries and regions. Members of School of Data network work to support civil society organizations (CSOs), journalists, and citizens to engage with and use data in their efforts to create better, more equitable and more sustainable societies. Over the past several years, School of Data has succeeded in developing and sustaining a thriving network of data literacy practitioners across Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa.  Find out more information about School of Data at: .

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School of Data
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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International - CC BY 4.0
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Data access
Data cleaning
Data collection
Data management
Data publication
Data transformation
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School of Data
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School of Data
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