Coffee and Code: R & RStudio

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What is R?

R is an [Open Source]( programming language that is specifically designed for data analysis and visualization. It consists of the [core R system]( and a collection of (currently) over [13,000 packages]( that provide specialized data manipulation, analysis, and visualization capabilities. R is an implementation of the *S* statistical language developed in the mid-1970s at Bell Labs, with the start of development in the early 1990s and a stable beta version available by 2000. R has been under continuous development for over 25 years and has hit major development [milestones]( )(programming_language) over that time.

R syntax is relatively straightforward and is based on a core principle of providing reasonable default values for many functions, and allowing a lot of flexibility and power through the use of optional parameters.

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Karl Benedict
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University of New Mexico Research Data Services
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Data analysis
Data visualization tools
R software
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Thursday, September 13, 2018
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University of New Mexico Research Data Services
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Karl Benedict
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University of New Mexico Research Data Services
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Data professional
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Software engineer
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More than 1 hour (but less than 1 day)