Managing Creative Arts Research Data

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This post-graduate teaching module for creative arts disciplines is focused on making data and digital documentation that is highly usable and has maximum impact. The module content is particularly well suited for inclusion within MA programmes dealing with ephemeral art forms such as dance, music, visual art, theatre or media design. Learning is self-directed. MCARD-ExcersiceV1.0.pdf is an optional, summative assessment exercise.

This module, funded as part of the wider JISC Managing Research Data programme as part of the Curating Artistic Research Output (CAiRO) Project, offers data management knowledge tailored to the special requirements of the creative arts researcher who is producing non-standard (i.e. non-textual) research outputs. The module aims to develop the development of skills required by arts researchers to effectively self-archive and then disseminate data made through research activities. The module can also help researchers to better understand data management issues and then communicate needs to third parties, such as institutional repositories, in order to negotiate appropriate levels of service.

Downloadable resources associated with this module include a zip file containing module content as stand alone .html files, a PDF of optional, summative exercise, and a PDF version of the introduction.  Topics include:
Unit 1: Introducing art as research data
Unit 2: Creating art as research data
Unit 3: Managing art as research data
Unit 4: Delivering art as research data

Each unit has a suggested order (accessible via the navigation on the left of each page) and addition ‘Focus on’ content which further illustrates topics covered in the main body.  Module content can be accessed directly online at:

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Stephen Gray
Paul Clarke
Vince Jones
Sarah Jones
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No fee
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Creative arts data
Data management examples
Data management stories
Data stewardship
Digital preservation workflow
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Arts and Humanities
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Saturday, October 1, 2011
Sunday, August 1, 2010
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JISC Digital Media
Project administration and management
Digital Curation Centre
University of Bristol Department of Drama: Theatre, Film and Television
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Stephen Gray
Paul Clarke
Vince Jones
Sarah Jones
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Early-career research scientist
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More than 1 hour (but less than 1 day)