Train-the-Trainer Concept on Research Data Management

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Within the project FDMentor, a German Train-the-Trainer Programme on Research Data Management (RDM) was developed and piloted in a series of workshops. The topics cover many aspects of research data management, such as data management plans and the publication of research data, as well as didactic units on learning concepts, workshop design, and a range of didactic methods.
After the end of the project, the concept was supplemented and updated by members of the Sub-Working Group Training/Further Education (UAG Schulungen/Fortbildungen) of the DINI/Nestor Working Group Research Data (DINI/Nestor-AG Forschungsdaten). The newly published English version of the Train-the-Trainer Concept contains the translated concept, the materials, and all methods of the Train-the-Trainer Programme. Furthermore, additional English references and materials complement this version.
This document is primarily intended for trainers who want to conduct a Train-the-Trainer workshop on research data management. It contains background knowledge on the PowerPoint slides and teaching scripts as well as further information on the individual subject areas required for reuse and implementation of a two-day workshop of seven and a half hours a day.

Each unit of this guide contains information about how to teach the unit including the unit's learning objectives, key aspects, contents, didactic methods and exercises, training materials, addiitional sources, template, and teaching scripts.

Topics of the units inlclude orientation, didactic approach, digital research data, research data policies, data management plans, order and structure, documentation and metadata, storage and backup, long term archiving, access control, formal framework, data publication, re-use of research data, legal aspects, institutional infrastructure, training exercises, concept development and didactic methods.  

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Katarzyn Biernacka
Maik Bierwirth (Dr.)
Petra Buchholz
Dominika Dolzycka
Kerstin Helbig
Janna Neumann (Dr.)
Carolin Odebrecht (Dr.)
Cord Wiljes
Ulrike Wuttke (Dr.)
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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International - CC BY 4.0
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No fee
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Biernacka, Katarzyna, Bierwirth, Maik, Buchholz, Petra, Dolzycka, Dominika, Helbig, Kerstin, Neumann, Janna, … Wuttke, Ulrike. (2020). Train-the-Trainer Concept on Research Data Management (Version 3.0). Zenodo.
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Access rights
Data analysis
Data archiving
Data documentation
Data management
Data management planning
Data policy
Data preservation
Data publication
Data reuse - Core Trustworthy Data Repositories Requirements
Data storage
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Wednesday, November 4, 2020
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Maik Bierwirth (Dr.)
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Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
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Data manager
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More than 1 Week