E-Infrastructures and Data Management Toolkit

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This online toolkit provides training and educational resources for data discovery, management, and curation across the globe, in support of an international collaborative effort to enable open access to scientific data.  Tools within the toolkit include:
- DDOMP Researcher Guide which has resources and tips for creating a successful DDOMP (data management plan)
- Data Management Training including webinars, courses, certifications, and literature on data management topics
- Best Practices & Standards which provide guidelines for effective data management.
Video tutorials about each of these tools are available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qQeDCB3XhU&list=PLq4USJIxTB6TYUgkJ0OX3W... 
Other capacity building tools include a Data Skills Curricula Framework to enhance information management skills for data-intensive science which was developed by the Belmont Forum’s e-Infrastructures and Data Management (e-I&DM) Project to improve data literacy, security and sharing in data-intensive, transdisciplinary global change research.  More information about the curricula framework including a full report and an outline of courses important for researchers doing data-intensive research can be found at:  https://www.belmontforum.org/resources/outline-data-skills-curricula-fra... .

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e-Infrastructure and Data Management Project - Belmont Forum
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Capacity building
Data management planning
Data policy
Data skills education
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Wednesday, November 1, 2017
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Belmont Forum
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Belmont Forum
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Rowena Davis
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Belmont Forum
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Professional Development - increasing knowledge and capabilities related to managing the data produced, used or re-used, curated and/or archived.
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Data professional
Data supporter
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More than 1 hour (but less than 1 day)